Making your own Gift Basket – Is it worth it?

Do you miss your loved ones at the holiday season – whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah – because you may be in another country, state or province? If so, you are certainly not alone.

Millions of people are separated from their families and friends at holiday seasons and would love to send them a gift to show that they are thinking of them and still care.

Distance can be very difficult during the holiday seasons. You can still send your thoughts to your family, girlfriend, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents by sending them a gift basket filled with whatever type of gourmet foods, chocolate, spa items, or wine they might like.

Sending A Gift Out of Country

If you are overseas and are worried about sending a gift from there to Canada or USA due to the high cost, duties, taxes, shipping fees, and the worry about loss of the package and getting it to your gift recipient on time, you may want to consider sending a gift hamper basket from our locations in either the USA or Canada.

There will be no worries about lost packages, high shipping costs, duties or tariffs.

Making a Gift Basket Yourself

If you have thought of making a gift basket yourself, you can certainly try. However, you may find – no, more precisely – it does require a lot of effort. There are numerous steps involved in making the gift basket and sending it out to your intended gift recipient.

What to Include in a Gift Basket

You will need to decide on the type of gift basket you want to send or the type that your recipient will enjoy – will that be gourmet foods and wines, or will it be chocolates and sweets, or will it be a zen styled basket with herbal teas and cookies…and the list goes on.

Gift Basket Budget

Once you have determined the type of basket you would like to send, you will then have to decide how much you want to spend on the basket – as is the case with any gift.

Items in the Gift Basket

Once you have made those decisions, you will have to go shopping and purchase all of the gourmet foods, cookies, sweets, chocolates, teas, coffees, bath and body bottles and or wines for the basket.

Gift Container – Wicker Basket, Decorative Box…?

You will need a container that all of these gifts will fit into. Getting both of these correct can be tricky.

You may not be able to get the perfect container to fit all of your basket items. You may also find a basket container that is very difficult to package. That is the next issue.

Packaging a Gift Basket for Shipping

Packaging a gift basket requires careful handling especially if it is to be shipped across the country.

Once you have put all of your items together in a basket, you then will need a gift wrap – either cellophane or some tulle.

These may be easy to find but they may be expensive. You will need some ribbons and a large bow along with a gift card to make the perfect gift presentation.

Next, you will need a box for shipping. Trying to get the proper size box can be difficult and if you don’t, either you will pay more for shipping (if the box is too large) or your basket will not be secure in the box.

You will have to ensure that the basket does not shift around in the delivery box, or the contents could be broken, unsealed or knocked around so much that they spoil.

Put the Gift Basket in The Mail

The last step is going to the post office or courier office to create the shipping label and ship the gift to your gift recipient across the country.

Not so Easy After-all

If you are tired just from reading all of the steps required to make and send a gift basket, then making it will be much more daunting a task.

While it may sound easy enough, it really isn’t.

This may all sound easy but, it requires a lot of time and effort – something that if you send a gift basket with us, we look after all of this for you. We have gift basket professionals who build and design gift baskets with specific themes and highlight products.

You may like these gift baskets:

We have all of the specialty gift boxes, bags, bows, gift cards and shipping relationships to ensure you get the perfect gift for your loved one at the perfect time.

You will be impressed with how easy it is to send a holiday gift to any of your loved ones or family members without having to leave your home.

A little disclaimer: We do not want to discourage you from making your own gift basket. Rather, we love people to join in on the fun and creativity which comes from making your own gift baskets. We love to design and create specialty gift baskets at SendLuv Gift Baskets and are very happy to do this for you.

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