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Mer Soleil Reserve Santa Lucia Chardonnay 2016 - SendLuv Gifts
Mer Soleil Reserve Santa Lucia Chardonnay 2016

Mer Soleil Reserve Santa Lucia Chardonnay 2016

Yet another delicious Wagner family wine...
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Price $33.00
Winery: "Our goal is to let the Monterey sunshine express itself throughour grapes. Its amazing that in the vineyard, you can catch the scent of lemon trees and the Pacific Ocean. This is arguably one of the top few appellationsto make top-notch Chardonnay." ~ Charlie Wagner, Owner and Winemaker"The dramatic climate of the Highlands located within Monterey County allows Mer Soleil to create dramatic wines. Morning fog, bright sunshine, andgusting winds enable longer "hang time" for the grapes, resulting in wines of intense, complex character. With fresh, bright aromas and the taste of whitepeach, this wine has a vibrant acidity balanced by the lush flavors of fully ripe fruit." Bottle: 750ml, cork Varietal: 100 percent Chardonnay Alcohol percent: ~14.7 Aging: 12-15 months in French oak barrels Region: Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County, California
SKU: WFW-9841427732021-03-31

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