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Stoller Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2016 - SendLuv Gifts
Stoller Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2016

Stoller Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2016

Bright and lively with citrus, great acidity, and lots more, the Stoller Dundee Hills Chardonnay can only enhance your next meal, be it brunch, lunch ordinner. Pour your first glasses to accompany a classic caesar salad. Dont forget the anchovies, and cook the croutons in garlic butter for a delicioustwist. This Dundee Hills Chardonnay works with salads, fish, seafood, shellfish, chicken, pork and more. For brunch, hands down its got to be eggs Benedict.Lunch, try a curried chicken salad with yellow raisins over mixed greens, or sauteed salmon cakes made with ginger and scallions. For dinner, a creamytarragon and mustard chicken or whiting Meuniere - the simple butter and lemon sauce is perfect for the different citrus nuances in the wine. Youre goingto love this stellar Stoller winelovers.
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Price $25.99
Wine and Spirits: "This bright Chardonnay has the leanness and salty tang of Albario, with its lemony scent and bone-dry flavorsthat carry a salt-air crispness. Its irresistible in its vivacious appeal, and would pair well with roast clams." Oct 2017Winery: "Our unoaked Dundee Hills Chardonnay is light and delicate on the nose, opening with hints of pear and elderflower. Thevibrant and crisp palate unfolds through notes of Meyer lemon and ripe tropical fruit, finishing with persistent acidity that carries each sip to a lengthyfinish.2016 was a warmer than average year for the Willamette Valley, with a perfect deceleration of heat accumulation at the end of an early growing season thatallowed a nice pace to harvest. A touch of rain during flowering gave the composition of small clusters with a higher skin to pulp ratio, leading to concentratedflavors and aromas, making 2016 one of the best vintages to date." Bottle: 750ml, screw cap Varietal: 100 percent Chardonnay Alcohol percent: 12.5 Total Acidity g/L: 7.6 pH: 3.22 Aging: stainless steel only Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
SKU: WFW-9841426692021-03-31

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