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dUsse VSOP Cognac 750ml - SendLuv Gifts
dUsse VSOP Cognac 750ml

dUsse VSOP Cognac 750ml

One of our fine Cognac gifts.
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Price $67.99

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Distillery: "Naturally aged at least four and a half years in the cellars of Frances Chteau de Cognac, DUSS VSOP Cognac emergesas a bold, full-bodied blend that arouses the palate. On the nose, it reveals a powerful bouquet, rich in woody notes that are layered with touches ofcinnamon and floral notes. Distinctively and unexpectedly smooth, with each taste, you savor hints of spices, almond and cinnamon. Subtle accents of honeyand dried fruits are the finale.DUSS is masterfully crafted at the prestigious Chateau de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. It has a 200-year legacy in blending someof the worlds finest spirits. With two limestone cellars, one dry and one humid, it is the perfect natural environment for aging cognac. You can countDUSS VSOP as one of its most distinguished accomplishments." Bottle 750ml Alcohol 40 percent Region France
SKU: WFW-9841424122021-03-31

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