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Breakfast Gift Basket for Christmas - SendLuv Gifts
Breakfast Gift Basket for Christmas

Breakfast Gift Basket for Christmas

The most anticipated morning of the year cant start with an ordinary breakfast! Inside one of our beautiful gift crates, your recipient will discover incredible foods, like Maines freshest wild blueberries, Grade A maple syrup, and buttermilk pancake mix. A great way for them to experience a breakfast thats nothing shy of extraordinary.
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List Price: $74.99

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Price $74.99
Farmhouse Pancake Mix by Stonewall Kitchen - 16 oz. Maple Leaf Maple Syrup by Bens Sugar Shack - 3.4 oz. Traditional Scone Mix by Stonewall Kitchen - 14.37 oz. Wild Maine Blueberry Jam by Stonewall Kitchen - 3.75 oz. Wild Maine Blueberries by Highland Sugarworks - 3.5 oz. Coffee Masters Perfect Potfuls Breakfast Blend - 1.5 oz
SKU: GGB69172020-11-25

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