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Cooking Gift Basket Italian - SendLuv Gifts
Cooking Gift Basket Italian

Cooking Gift Basket Italian

Buen appetito! When it comes to cooking Italian cuisine, only the most authentic tastes will do! Inside an elegant red stainless steel colander, weve artfully arranged award-winning foods, like artisan pasta, gourmet pasta sauce, and basil pesto. Your gift recipient will be ready to create irresistibly delicious Italian meals as soon as they unpack their gift!
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List Price: $79.99

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Price $99.99
Red Stainless Steel Colander - 1 colander Chocolate Artisanal Biscotti Bites by The Bites Company - 4.5 oz. Fiesta Fioretti Pasta by Pasta Partners - 12 oz. Basilico Pasta Sauce by Cucina and Amore - 16.8 oz. Basil Pesto Alla Genovese by Cucina and Amore - 7.9 oz.
SKU: GGB10912020-11-25

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