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Dom Perignon - 750ml - SendLuv Gifts
Dom Perignon - 750ml

Dom Perignon - 750ml

Say it loud and say it proud - with an unforgettable gift of a bottle of Dom. (short form of Dom Perignon). Known for their prestigious champagne, Dom Perignon does not disappoint with this 2010 vintage. Artfully crafted using only the finest grapes of a single year, this captivating champagne boasts an irresistibly unique taste, making it world-famous. Marked by an original intensity, critics rave about this vintage calling it beautifully balanced and brilliant in its own right. With an initially delicate, mild taste that submits to bold and powerful flavors, this alluring champagne of bright, floral notes is perfect for making any occasion unforgettable.
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List Price: $199.95

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Price $199.95
Dom Perignon - 750ml. *Champagne glasses not included. 21+ Signature Required At Delivery. This product cannot be purchased using any discounts and/or promotional codes. Vintage year of the bottle shipped to recipient may vary.
SKU: GGB59552020-11-25

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