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Easter Chocolate Classic - SendLuv Gifts
Easter Chocolate Classic

Easter Chocolate Classic

We understand that when it comes to Easter, chocolate is a necessity. Thats why weve created this gift, which is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life! Inside this gift basket, we have artfully arranged a selection of exquisite gourmet chocolate products, like french truffles, sea salted caramels, and chocolate toffee, resulting in a wonderful gift that will make this Easter just a little sweeter!
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List Price: $69.99

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Price $69.99
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Byrds Famous Cookies - 4 oz. Mudpuppies by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory - 5.5 oz. French Chocolate Truffles by Truffle Basket - 3.5 oz. Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel Filled Bar by Ghirardelli - 3.5 oz. Belgian Chocolates by Annalies Chocolates - 1.76 oz. Chocolate Wafer Petites by Dolcetto - .7 oz, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Morley Sanders - 1 oz. Chocolate Caramel Grahams by Annalies Chocolates - 2.6 oz. - Salted Caramel Bar by Lindt - 1.4 oz. Cookies and Cream Bar by Lindt - 1.4 oz. English Toffee Caramels by Marich - 2.1 oz.
SKU: GGB10852020-11-25

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