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Fine Wine with Wood Vase - SendLuv Gifts
Fine Wine with Wood Vase

Fine Wine with Wood Vase

When a special occasion calls for a champagne toast, present them with a bottle of fine wine or champagne in this unique and handcrafted wooden wine vase. Designed in the artistic tradition of South East Asia, this Tamarind Pierced Vase perfectly captures the simplicity and exquisite attention to detail that South East Asian art is known for.
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Price $124.95
Handmade using sustainably harvested wood from the exotic Tamarind tree, each vase is incredibly durable, has spectacular coloring with intricate markings, and beautifully presents your chosen bottle of Wine or Champagne. And well after the luxury wine has been enjoyed this exceptional vase will be a lovely addition to display in the office or home.

Every gift is Decorated with Ribbon, Tied by Hand. Attached Card with Your Personal Message. Securely Arranged to Protect During Shipping. We also give you the option to personalize It! Add your own message to ribbon! One line, max 45 characters. Text repeats across the ribbon. Specify the occasion and customize at checkout.
SKU: GITR-WineWoodVase-MAN2021-10-27

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