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Gift Basket Delivered with Coffee - SendLuv Gifts
Gift Basket Delivered with Coffee

Gift Basket Delivered with Coffee

Any time is a good time for coffee! In this lovely container, weve brought together three packets of measured gourmet grounds (6-10 cups per packet), taking the guesswork out of making a pot with the perfect strength. And, because no coffee is complete without delicious snacks, weve included an assortment of decadent treats, making their break perfect no matter what time its at.
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Price $39.99
Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Kettlecorn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4.2 oz. Chocolate Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet - 3 oz. Cinnamon Pecan Straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory - 3.5 oz. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Byrds Famous Cookies - 2 oz. Perfect Potfuls Assorted Gourmet Coffees by Coffee Masters - (3) 1.5 oz. packets: Caramel Kiss, Hazelnut, and Columbian
SKU: GGB69792020-11-25

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