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Were not keen on being second best. Thats why weve filled this basket with the tastiest treats we could find. Award-winning cookies? Check. Award-winning popcorn? Check. Award-winning... you get it. In other words, you can be sure that when you send this gift of unprecedented flavors, theyll receive a bounty of first-rate snacks that cant be topped.
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List Price: $74.99

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Price $74.99
Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4.2 oz. Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor + Flynn - 4 oz. Chichester Crunch by Merrimack Valley Snack Company - 2 oz. Roasted and Salted Peanuts by JandR Gourmet - 2 oz. Blueberry Pomegranate Trail Mix Crunch by 180 Snacks - 1 oz. Jalapeo Monterey Jack Cheese by Mountain View Farm - 6 oz. Lemon Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet - 3 oz. Key Lime Cookies by Byrds Famous Cookies - 4 oz. Vanilla Wafer Roll by Dolcetto - 4.4 oz. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Byrds Famous Cookies - 2 oz. Cinnamon Pecan Straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory - 3.5 oz. Traditional Cheese Cheese Straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory - 1 oz.
SKU: GGB69442020-11-25

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