Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for Kids

Do you have some special child in your life that you would like to give a gift for this Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for ideas as to what you could give them for an appropriate Valentine’s Day celebration? Would you like to give them more than just the standard chocolate heart? We have some ideas for you to be able to put together a bunch of great items to make a very special Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for that special child.

1. Kid’s Chocolate

It is a gift for Valentine’s Day, right…so…chocolate is a must! You can buy various varieties and brands of chocolates which are geared towards children. Chocolate comes in bags full of heart shaped chocolates, chocolate dollars, or even chocolate balls…oh, and let us not forget chocolate kisses – the perfect chocolate for a kids Valentine gift basket. You may even also be able to find large chocolate hearts or large chocolate Disney figures or super heroes.

Even if your chocolate is not Valentine’s Day themed, you can buy a few of your gift recipients favorite chocolate bars. If you know what they like, you cannot go wrong with this selection.

So, depending on your little one’s tastes and preferences, you will be able to easily add some form of chocolate to add to your gift basket.

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2. Children’s Activities and Toys

Children, by nature, have lots of energy and love to play and learn. So, adding some children’s activity games and toys to your basket will be well appreciated. Try finding some children’s activities such as coloring books and crayons or markers, kids puzzle books, a book for reading, a paint-by-number set, or wooden or pieced puzzles. If you have some inside scoop from the child or their parents, you could include a toy which is on their ‘general’ wish list.

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3. Kids Plush Toys

What child does not love their stuffed animals? So, adding a plush toy to your gift basket is perfect. You can choose from a Valentine’s Day themed stuffed bear or you can opt for any teddy bear and other plush toys. Who knows, this stuffed plush teddy bear could become their favorite huggie or sleep toy.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Gift
Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear Gift
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4. Other sweet treats

What child doesn’t like to have more sweet treats? This is an easy thing to add to your gift basket as there are so many options available. Try adding some cookies, chips, some soda pop, bag of popcorn, red heart cinnamon candies (a classic), red licorice, bag of red jelly beans, a cupcake or cupcake mix, muffins or anything candy or sweets in Valentine’s Day themed shapes and colors.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids
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5. Gift Cards

Becoming a very popular generic gift item, a gift card will allow your gift recipient to decide exactly what they would like – instead of potentially thinking you know what they like. Trust me on that, for many, many years, I truly believed that I knew what my children were really interested in…wrong! Oh well, I learned quickly enough that gift cards were a great way of giving a gift without making a dreaded mistake. So, depending on their age, a gift card for their favorite music store, a toy store or their favorite clothing store will be well received. For the older child, a movie theatre gift certificate would be a great addition to the basket.

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6. Heart Helium Balloons

For the icing on the cake of the gift basket, add a helium red heart shaped balloon. Tie it to the edge of the basket or container to make it really impressive – any child will be thrilled to see this – the first impression may be as good as the fun they have when opening all of the goodies in the basket.

Helium Balloons Gift
Helium Balloons Gift
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7. Valentine’s Day themed container

Last but not least, you will need a gift container. Even if we call them gift baskets, the container does not have to be a basket. It can be any storage container such as a decorative box, crate, wicker basket, storage box or even metal planter (not as appropriate for a child…unless they have a green thumb). There are fold-up fabric storage containers which make for a great base for gift baskets – and tend to fit lots and lots of goodies. Try to pick a red container or one with some type of themed Valentine’s Day decoration.

If you have found yourself with not as many Valentine’s Day themed goodies as you would have liked, all you need to do is put all the goodies together and make sure it has something red or a few red things. By simply adding a red bow or red Valentine’s Day card, with any type of gift item in the gift basket, you can make it very appropriately themed for Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas so that you can put together a very special gift basket for that very special child in your life for Valentine’s Day. For some concrete ideas, here are a few gift baskets already designed and assembled, ready to give: Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

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