Valentines Day Teddy Bear Basket

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

As they say, Valentine’s Day is for lovers!

Are you working abroad or in another far away location and looking to send a gift basket to your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?

Or are you searching for some gift ideas for a thoughtful sweet gift to send or give in person to your new special someone for Valentine’s Day – to make clear your feelings for them?

Regardless of the time you have left until this special lover’s holiday, you can start thinking about the gift you intend to give and/or send to your sweetie.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket
This Valentine’s Day themed gift basket gives you an idea as to what types of items you can include as well as the obvious theme, the red color.

There are many ideas for gift items appropriate for a Valentine’s Day gift basket, and here are some of the necessary ones to include – and a few more optional ideas.

1. Gotta have chocolate!

Wondering just what to put into that basket that you are sending to your loved one. No matter what the age of your gift recipient, chocolate has to be on the list. What form of chocolate, you ask?

Of course, you want to have some chocolate in your Valentine’s Day gift basket. For your sweetie, a box of chocolates are always a great idea. You should make sure that it is a quality box of chocolates (ehm…I mean, not from the dollar store) – or at least the highest quality you can afford. This will guarantee that your sweetie, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, lover, wife, honey will get a clear message about their importance in your life.

A few name brands of chocolate which are very nice quality and still affordable: Godiva chocolates, Lindt chocolate, Giardelli chocolate and Guylian chocolates…just to name a few. Or if you are interested in some gold chocolates, how about these chocolate goodies as a gift…

Gold and Chocolate Berries Gift
23 Karat Edible Gold Berries Gift

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2. Jewelry

Aside from quality chocolate in various forms, sending a gift basket for Valentine’s Day can have much more meaning if jewelry is included. Chocolates will be eaten today or tomorrow, jewelry is forever. Whether that is a heart pendant necklace, a beautiful ruby ring or a pearl necklace, jewelry for her will always be well received.

For the special man in your life, even jewelry included in the gift basket can have lasting impact. A chain necklace or an engraved bracelet with your names and first date on it would be very appropriate and appreciated.

While jewelry could be included for either guys or gals gifts, admittedly it is probably easier to find that special piece of jewelry for her. Not every man wears jewelry so for that guy who is shy on wearing jewelry, just add more chocolate!

3. Themed Plush Stuffed Animals

What girl doesn’t get her heart strings pulled when she sees a teddy bear given to her by her sweetie? At this time of year, you can find teddy bears in various gift stores with special heart or Valentine’s Day themes. Teddy bears carrying a heart with Happy Valentine’s Day or Be Mine or Be My Special Valentine are all available…but get them quick as they tend to be available particularly at this time of year.

That teddy bear can be the reminder she needs to see everyday about just how special you are, just how special you think she is and just how special your relationship is.

Plush Stuffed Animal Themed Valentine's Day Gift Basket
Stuffed Plush Valentine’s Day Gift

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4. Spa goodies

Anything spa is welcome by just about any lady at any time of the year. Show her just how much you wish her well by sending her some well deserved spa goodies – how about a spa gift certificate to a nearby spa, specialty hand and body lotions, designer bath balms, bath beads, bubble baths and high end luxury shower gels.

What more could a girl ask for than having a luxurious and relaxing bath using quality bath products while snacking on some gourmet chocolates? What more you ask…well, how about some wine to go with that!

Sorry guys but again, this gift basket item seems to be aimed at the girls on your gift list. However, there are now more and more guy themed spa goodies for men widely available. So, for your guy, feel free to add some nice cologne or after shave, or even some nice body wash.

5. Wine

Need I say more. No I acknowledge that the fact that you are sending this basket to your lover with a bottle of wine it it and you may not be there to share it with them is a tad disappointing. However, he or she will appreciate it when they enjoy a glass or two – especially while taking that bubble bath with some chocolates on the side.

Pick their favorite brand, favorite wine type or favorite wine color – red or white, or even a newly popular rose – and add that to your gift basket.

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6. Container

As with any gift basket, you should have an appropriate container. For Valentine’s Day, a heart shaped container would be perfect. Other nice containers could be red or pink in color.

However, if you cannot find anything in this format or color, a wicker basket will work – as long as you be sure to include a large red or pink bow.

7. Personalized Valentine’s Day gift basket item ideas

A novel for his or her favorite author, a blanket, a bottle of champagne (although, unless you are with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you may want to wait until you are together again to be able to enjoy this thoroughly), even something sexy like lingerie if you know that you will be together again soon and he or she can be wearing it when you meet again.

You could even add a throw cushion pillow with some loving words on it such as “Love”, “Forever together”, “Je t’aime”, “xoxoxo”, or just a simple heart. Or, if you have a nice photo of the two of you, you could send that in a love-themed frame.

And let us not forget some candles to go with that relaxing bath with chocolates and wine. A mug with a special loving message such as “I love you more than coffee”, or a simple “I Love You” on it would also be perfect for that coffee loving lover.

Here are some added goodies that would be fully appropriate for adding to a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Items

Gather your Goodies, Make your Basket

I hope you have been inspired by this article and that you are going to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift basket for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or soon to be girlfriend or boyfriend. However, if the idea of making your own gift basket scares you or you just feel like you are running out of time to collect all of just the right things, fear not.

Send a Pre-Made Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

While I say, don’t be afraid to be adventurous and make your own very personalized gift basket, you can easily purchase a Valentine’s Day themed gift basket and have it sent to your loved one who is not with you on that special day. They will look after everything for you including making the gift basket, and mailing it to your loved one. They will even include a gift card with your own personalized message.

You may also consider using a gift basket company who provides a custom basket service. Yes, that is right – you can go to their online store, pick your custom goodies to be included and they do everything else. Create Your Own Custom Gift Baskets!

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